Used Cars for Sale in Windber (PA)

Listed below are used cars currently being sold in Windber and beyond, including photo galleries and seller contact details. We update these listings each day, to make sure we’re offering the freshest information, and it’s easy to contact sellers for an appointment to view a vehicle.

Percentage of yearly income is an easy way to establish how much you should devote to a used car. Here is a solid rule of thumb: spend around one-third of your annual salary on a used vehicle. Suppose you’re making $28,498 per year, the average in Windber–this would be $9,404. This may seem low. If this isn’t enough, you can raise it to 50% of income–$14,249–but more than this isn’t the best idea. If you are financing, it’s recommended that you don’t spend more than 10% of what you make each month on your car payment, while going with the shortest repayment period possible. If you earn $2,375 each month, this is a payment of $238, maximum.

Cheap Cars: Windber, PA

We’re always trying to supply you with a range of used cars in Windber costing less than $10,000, if you’re searching for something cheap. Remember to speak with the dealer the minute you find a car you might want, since affordable cars like these are hot sellers.

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