Used Cars for Sale in Wilkes Barre (PA)

Listed below are used cars currently for sale in Wilkes Barre, complete with image galleries and vehicle specifics. We update these listings every day, to ensure we’re providing the newest data, and you can easily contact sellers for an appointment to view a vehicle.

Budgeting Guidelines for Wilkes Barre Car-Shoppers

It’s important to budget intelligently for this purchase. Here is one popular guideline: spend just 33 percent of your yearly income on a car. Let’s suppose you earn $15,317 per year, the Wilkes Barre average–this would be $5,055. If possible, don’t spend more than 50%, or $7,659 in this case. If you plan to finance your new car or truck, it’s best to spend only 10% of your monthly budget on your car payment, while opting for the shortest repayment term possible. With a monthly income of $1,276, this is a maximum payment of $128.

Cheap Cars in Wilkes Barre, PA

We try to offer up a variety of used cars in Wilkes Barre costing less than $10,000, if you’re searching for a car that won’t break the bank. Don’t get worried if you aren’t able to find a car straight away–we update our listings to reflect changing supply.

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