Used Cars for Sale in Swarthmore (PA)

Getting ready to buy a pre-owned car in Swarthmore, PA? Below, you can view a wide array of cars for sale in this part of the state.

There isn’t any reason to go traipsing from one dealer to another, attempting to find the car you want, when we allow you to view local dealers’ vehicles all in one place. There is no better way of finding the Swarthmore used car you need, and you can line up your test drive through the contact form that accompanies each vehicle. Have you decided how much money you’re going to commit to your vehicle? Here’s an oft-mentioned rule of thumb: spend just 33% of your annual salary on a car. To illustrate, the average income in Swarthmore is $67,631, which means a $22,318 car. The most you should spend is 50%, or $33,816 in this example. If you’re planning to finance your new car or truck, no more than 10% of your monthly income ought to be spent on a car payment each month. . With an income of $5,636 a month, this translates to a payment of $564, at most.

Cheap Cars in Swarthmore, PA

Would you like to purchase a reliable used car or truck in Swarthmore for less than $10,000? We try to have an array of such vehicles down below. If you don’t see a vehicle that seems like a fit, just wait a day or so, as we refresh our inventory before noon and after.

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