Used Cars for Sale in Scranton (PA)

We have built relationships with car dealers around Scranton to bring you a wide variety of used cars they have available. As soon as you come across a car that appeals to you, it’s easy to contact the dealer with any questions and get the ball rolling.

Are you wondering how much you should dedicate to a used vehicle? Here is a great rule of thumb: spend around one-third of your annual income on a used vehicle. For instance, the average income in Scranton is $21,536, which would equate to a car that costs $7,107. Even though 33% or less is best, lots of folks spend about 50%–$10,768, in our example. If you’re going to finance your new car or truck, roughly 10% of your monthly income, at most, should be devoted to a car payment each month. . Given an income of $1,795 each month, this is a maximum payment of $180.

Cheap Used Cars for Sale: Scranton, PA

Wouldn’t it be nice to buy a used car in Scranton for less than $10,000? We normally have a selection of these cars in our listings. Although a lot of big banks are hesitant to finance cars with a lot of miles, your dealer can often get you the loan you need.

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