Used Cars for Sale in Manheim (PA)

Looking for Manheim used cars that will meet your needs? We’ve got all sorts of them below, and a lot of them qualify for financing. There’s no simpler way to find the Manheim used car you need, and you can get in touch with the dealership through the contact form we provide.

Income is the main factor when determining how much to spend on a car. Here’s a favorite rule of thumb: spend just 33 percent of your yearly salary on a car. Let’s pretend you make $46,481 a year, the Manheim average–this would be a $15,339 car. If possible, don’t spend more than 50%, or $23,241 in this case. If you’re going to finance your purchase, just 10% of your monthly income should really be dedicated to a monthly car payment. . If you make $3,873 a month, you’d wind up with a payment of $387, at maximum.

Cheap Used Cars in Manheim, PA

Looking for a good used car or truck in Manheim costing $10,000 or cheaper? More often than not, you’ll find a good many of such cars below. If you aren’t finding one that matches your needs, try again later, as we refresh our database to reflect dealer stock.

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