Used Cars for Sale in Gettysburg (PA)

Choosing the best used car or truck ought to be exciting, not an inconvenience. Now it’s possible to find a selection of cars you might want prior to heading to the dealership, and you can have your test drive lined up in advance.

Are you wondering how much you should commit to a used car? Here’s an oft-mentioned rule of thumb among the money-savvy: spend around 33% of your annual income on a used vehicle. Suppose you make $39,409 annually, the Gettysburg average–this would be a car costing $13,005 or less. Though 33% or less is best, lots of people spend about 50%–$19,705, in our example. If you’re planning to finance your purchase, don’t spend more than 10% of your monthly income on your car payment, while repaying the loan as quickly as possible. With a monthly income of $3,284, you’d wind up with a maximum payment of $328.

Cheap Cars in Gettysburg, PA

Would you like to buy a used car or truck in Gettysburg for under $10,000? Here at Pennsylvania Auto Finance, we’ve made it easy to find these vehicles in our listings below. Many big banks are hesitant to finance cars with lots of miles, but the dealer can frequently get you financed as long as you’ve got a 10% down payment–$788 for a $7,882 vehicle.

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