Used Cars for Sale in Corry (PA)

We partner with dealers around Corry to show you a wide array of used cars they’ve got for sale. If you’d like to ask a question about a vehicle, be sure to contact the dealer directly through the web form provided. The amount you should put toward a car depends upon your income. Numerous personal finance pros recommend spending around one-third of your annual income on a car. To give an example, the average income in Corry is $33,641, which would equate to a $11,102 car. This might not sound like a lot. If this isn’t enough, you can increase it to 50% of income–$16,821–but more than this isn’t a good idea. If you’re going to finance your purchase, around 10% of your monthly income, at most, should be devoted to a car payment each month. . Given an income of $2,803 each month, this equates to a maximum payment of $280.

Cheap Cars: Corry, PA

We always try to have a variety of Corry used cars for less than $10,000. In some instances you’ll find we even have $5000 cars available.

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